About the company

Progressive Rubber Works, have been founded in the year 1999, by renowned Industrialist Mr. Partha Protim Sarkar along with his younger brother Mr Arpan Sarkar. Our mission is to develop, manufacture and supply new generation Rubber Sheets and products which will provide the customers the best ‘Value for Money’. We are registered under West Bengal & Central Sales Tax Act and are currently under Goods and Service Tax. We are registered under MSME.

Today, we are bolstering the business with millions of satisfied customers all over India. For the last twenty years we are facilitating our products to various industries like electricity board, thermal power station, collieries, chemical plants, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, naval-marine, fertilizer plants and ordinance factories. We are successfully conducting two manufacturing units in Kolkata, India. We are constantly striving for developing the units to yield the finest products by regularly implementing new methods.

We are a registered ISI License holder under I.S.I. No. CM/L-5128657 and manufacture the finest Synthetic Insulating Mat as per IS-15652/06 under Bidyut Brand. Besides this there are other regular manufacturing items-namely, all sorts of Industrial Rubber Sheets, Neoprene sheet, Floating Sheet, Viton Sheet, Silicone Sheet, Cow Mats, Rubber Lagging sheets, Rubberized Cork Sheets (transformer Quality), all types of Molding and Extrusion items as per order. We have expanded our Business to neighboring countries throughout. All the patrons, sponsors, clientele, customers are cordially welcome in this regard.

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