Cork Sheet

Over 20+ Years we are serving top industrial sectors.

  • Synthetic Rubber bonded Cork sheets with very good resistance to various industrial oils and petrol used for gaskets in Oil filled Transformers and Reactors, Automobile, Aviation ad Ship building industry
  • Manufactured in strict accordance with IS: 4253 (Part-II), types A, Band C.
  • The Rubberized cork sheets are free from impurities like Sawdust, Hardboard, & wood particles as they are manufactured by compounding synthetic rubber with cork
  • Excellent dimensional stability with a tolerance of 0.25 mm in thickness and +1/-0% on with.
  • The Cork granules used for manufacturing are clean and u n i form in size
  • The Cork sheets are free from cracks, pinholes, laminations and similar other defects
  • The Cork sheets are capable of being cut, punched or shared without cracking, tearing and delamination
  • The cut edges would be smooth, clean and free from burr
  • The Cork sheets would neither adhere to nor cause corrosion on metal surface
  • Available in the thickness of 1.5 mm to 50 mm, size 3′ / 2′ and 1 m / 2 m or 5′ by running length
  • These rubberized Cork sheets are manufactured by a specific procedure of bonding fine granules of cork with natural / synthetic rubber
  • Neoprene and NBR
  • The Block of 100 mm to 150 mm thick in first molded and cured under temperature and pressure
  • Sheets manufactured by compounding of rubber and Cork only
  • No impurities like Sawdust, Hard board and Wood Particles