Cow Mats

Over 20+ Years we are serving top industrial sectors.

  • Can be used over existing concrete, natural soil or sand floors.
  • Non-porous materials, do not absirb moisture, urine or other bends.
  • Non-step surface provide firm grip during lying down and standing up decrease , slippage & falls and reduces animal stress and serious injuries.
  • Reduces joint detoriation caused by standing on hard and slippery concrete floors.
  • Cushion comfort provides knee, hock, other protection.
  • Easy drainage keeps the mat dry.
  • Easy maintenance, easy to clean with regular cleaning agent by brushing.
  • Will not crack under extreme heat & cold.
  • Hygienic, sterile and prevent bacteria growth.
  • Saves time, effort, money on bedding.
  • Easy to install with screws fixed directly on the floor.
  • Insulating properties cut away cold & humidity from floors & help to maintain optimal body temperature.
  • Available in different specification to fit all dimension.